Virginia Bass

Supervisor Bass has been hard at work to improve the quality of life for her constituents in Eureka, Fairhaven/Finn Town, Samoa, Myrtletown and Humboldt County at-large.

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Some of her accomplishments since she took office include:

Affordable housing

Supervisor Bass championed the redevelopment of a dilapidated former motel site, known as the “Downtowner,” to a new, 50-unit affordable housing complex for our low-income senior population.  Supervisor Bass remains a steadfast supporter of providing more housing of all types for people in need, and hopes to continue a collaborative relationship between the County and its Cities, including the City of Eureka, to provide more housing opportunities for our residents in the years ahead.

Homelessness & mental health services

Going hand-in-hand with providing more affordable housing opportunities for residents who struggle to afford the cost of living, Supervisor Bass also recognizes the need to address homelessness and improve mental health services.  Virginia helped organize the Community Homeless Improvement Project (CHIP) in partnership with the County of Humboldt and the City of Eureka, bringing stakeholders together from the non-profit, law enforcement and local government sectors to collaboratively confront the homeless issue.  This partnership led to the creation of the Mobile Intervention Services Team (MIST), combining social workers with law enforcement on our streets to address mental illness amongst the homeless population and connect those people to the needed services.  While the prevalence of homelessness and mental health issues remains a concern, Virginia is committed to building upon this progress to further aide our most vulnerable populations.

Economic development

In an effort to strengthen our local economy, Supervisor Bass has been a steadfast supporter of local small businesses – she herself managed her family’s small business, the former O-H’s Town House on 6th Street, for more than 30 years.  On the Board of Supervisors, she spearheaded efforts to allow underutilized properties zoned for coastal dependent industry to be repurposed on an interim basis for other uses along the Samoa peninsula, ensuring the revitalization of those properties and surrounding infrastructure.  Virginia will continue talking with local business owners to further incentivize economic and job-creating opportunities, while engaging officials in the City of Eureka and other incorporated areas to similarly encourage economic progress.

Environmental protection

Virginia Bass recognizes the pristine character of Humboldt County’s natural environment, especially our area’s renowned redwood forests, watersheds and incredible coastline.  As Supervisor, Virginia is committed to protecting our environment for future generations, and also wants to ensure Humboldt County does its part to mitigate effects from climate change.  She supported the recent rollout of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s Community Choice Energy and REpower+ programs, both of which are now powering many of our homes and businesses through increased use of carbon-free electrical sources.  Virginia will continue to be an advocate for Humboldt County’s environmental stewardship in the years ahead.

Cannabis policy reforms & preparation for legalization

Supervisor Bass has been supportive of efforts to bring Humboldt County’s cannabis economy into a legal, yet regulated marketplace.  After the passage of Proposition 64 last year by California voters, including 58% of Humboldt County voters, Supervisor Bass and the Board of Supervisors have been working rigorously to both develop the regulatory framework necessary to begin recreational sales in 2018, while remaining sensitive to growers who’ve made cannabis cultivation their way of life long before Proposition 64 was on the ballot.  As part of this effort, Virginia supported pro-rating excise taxes on cultivators in an effort to build trust and instill a sense of fairness in the marketplace.  At the same time, she wants the County to focus on encouraging compliance amongst a greater proportion of cultivators, something she’ll continue focusing on as the industry progresses toward legal, regulated operations.